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Some Campaign Art

I’ve been rather busy lately, but the home-brewed anachronisms should resume in a bit, along with the more philosophical discussions on futuristic elements and how they interact with the fantasy world.

Until then, time for an art break!

The first drawing is second in my “demonspawn” series (the other can be found back here, or in my main  art gallery).

"Oh, yes, he looked very much like he once did, just entirely different."
“Oh, yes, they looked very much like he once did, just entirely different.”

This second picture is a portrait of a villain from one of my friend’s campaigns.  Xerxes was a rather . . . interesting villain.  He had the habit of killing worthy foes and then grafting bits of them into himself in his mad attempts to ascend to godhood.

"Everything is so black and white.  So separate.  I'm here to introduce the grey, "
“Everything is so black and white. So separate. I’m here to introduce the grey. “

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve got a lot of new art up, so here they are:

Now, for all of those who are here for the homebrew, I’ve got a quick poll:

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Back to Work – profession homebrew is up (along with some other stuff!)

After a lot of insanity, I’ve finally got the first three professions, scholar, blacksmith, and thief stated up, and playtesting should begin shortly.  In addition, I’ve also created several new feats for rangers and a completely new ranger build: the grappling ranger, which focuses on unarmed attacks.  But, before I go into all the details, here’s a new piece of art:

Now, for all the new homebrew!


After a lot of fiddling around with the design, I’ve finally decided to make professions a feat system.  Each profession has three feats associated with it.  The first, the apprentice level, gives you a basic ability or skill bonus, and your character’s basic wages.  The second feat, guildsman level, grants you increased pay and another special ability.  The final feat, master level, grants the player a very powerful ability and even higher average wages.

I’ll probably post more updates in the future, as I playtest (and probably alter) some of the system, and create rules for the other professions (alchemist, assassin, and woodsman will probably be next).

Grappling Ranger

I’ve always felt that the ranger should have more unarmed attacks.  After all, the typical ranger spends half his or her time sitting mysteriously in the back of the tavern, and unarmed attacks can be very useful in a tavern . . .

Nevertheless, I was very eager to make the grappling ranger rather different from the brawling fighter and the rogues with such powers as garrote grip and the like.  To do so, most of the grappling ranger powers focus on dirty fighting: silencing the enemy, stabbing foes with their own weapons, using foes as weapons, and using them as human (or, more likely, orcish) shields.

New Feats

And finally, three new feats for the ranger and other martial classes:

  • Deadly Companion – Increases your beast companion’s damage die.
  • Stifling Grip – Allows you to hinder the vocalizations of creatures you are grabbing.
  • Urban Tracker – Lets you use streetwise in place of perception and stealth while in an urban setting.